PART - Pervasive Applications RunTime


The lastest stable release of PART is version 1.2. Binary and source distributions of the 1.2 release is available for various hardware platforms, please select the relevant files in the table below. Each distribution is avaialble in the zip or tar formats, and contains complete documentation in the form of an API javadoc, programming manual, etc.

Description Release date Download Size Installation instructions
Precompiled PART jar files for various platforms, along with some sample applications and tools 2007-10-09 part-1.2-bin.tar.gz
1.55 Mb
2.87 Mb
Complete source code including Ant build file 2007-10-09 part-1.2-src.tar.gz
1.67 Mb
3.56 Mb

CVS access

The PART source code CVS repository is maintained by Sourceforge. Instructions on how to checkout the current PART source code can be found on this page. Use the module name part, for instance

cvs -z3 co -P part

The PART CVS repository can also be browsed online using this link.

Please note that since the CVS is used to store the development version of PART, the content will most likely not constitute a stable PART version. Use the release distributions listed above if a stable PART version is needed.

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